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What happens when three sisters find out they stand to inherit a multimillion-dollar fortune, and in the process discover a half-sister their estranged father never told them about? Find out in this hilarious 4 part television mini series starring Kellita Smith, Christian Keyes, Drew Sidora,  Jackee Harry, Jazsmine Lewis, Azur-De, Tony Grant and Clifton Powell.

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LORD, ALL MEN CAN'T BE DOGS is a riveting story of the lives of a married couple, Lisa and Tim Johnson, whose wordly struggles are standing in the way of them truely finding love and happiness. With the help of the Lord and his and his angels, they soon discover the strength to rebuke their inner demons and find inner peace. Starring Vivica A. Fox, Christian Keyes, Elise Neal and Johnny Gill.

BET Network

Samantha Stone (Garcelle Beauvais), a smart and beautiful wife and mother, has been happily married to her high school sweetheart Sylvester Stone (Isaiah Washington) for seventeen years. On the day they're set to move into their dream home, Sylvester confesses that he is leaving her for another woman. What do you do when the only man you've ever loved falls in love with another woman and leaves you suddenly single? Find out in David E. Talbert's latest... a captivating tale of love, laughter, and new beginnings!

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The Man in 3B

Coming to Theaters Novermber 6, 2015

Lord All Men Can't Be...

A Behind the Scenes Look with the stars.  

Suddenly Single

Stage Play casted by Tri Destined Casting

A Fool and His Money

Stage Play casted by Tri Destined Casting