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Veronica Nichols Bio

Veronica Nichols, VP of Production and Development.

As Vice President of Production and Development at Tri Destined Studios, Veronica Nichols is responsible for the development of TDS Film & Television projects from inception to fruition, from page to screen.  It is Veronica’s desire and duty to bring quality projects with heart to audiences everywhere.  Together with Tri Destined Heads ND Brown, Trey Haley, and Greg Anderson as well as the rest of the Tri Destined Executive Team, Veronica creates and champions projects that entertain, educate and inspire.


Veronica Nichols is a producer with years of experience physically producing independent films. With over fifteen films on her resume, Veronica has had the opportunity to shoot in several states and work on films of varying budget levels. She has worn many hats over the years and worked as everything from P.A. to 1st AD to Director, giving her a unique and very inclusive perspective of the collaborative experience we call filmmaking.


Veronica began her career during the renaissance of the film industry in Atlanta, GA expecting to intern with a local fledgling production company but soon after joining the team, found herself promoted to Production Coordinator for the company's first major film. When time for the company's second film came around, Veronica was bumped up to Production Manager, a position where she learned the ins and outs of film production from a budgetary, scheduling and management level. These two early positions were truly a crash course in the foundations of Producing. Veronica knew right away that this was an area in which she could utilize her degree in Business Administration while still nurturing her desire to be creative and work in the industry.


It was an easy transition and Veronica began to excel immediately as an Associate Producer on the burgeoning company's followup film. Eager to continue to grow and seek new opportunities, Veronica decided to move to Los Angeles, where she joined forces with Tri Destined Studios. She was hired as Co-Producer on her first film with the company but was quickly promoted to Producer on their next outing together. In LA, Veronica found a great fit and rhythm and has since Produced and/or Consulted on over ten films with the Tri Destined team.


Veronica continues to seek challenging projects that can stimulate her creative appetite and benefit from her knowledge of budgeting, scheduling, guild and union relations and set operations. One of her earnest beliefs is that in successful production as in all successful business, it is important to strive to find the win-win; the place where success is inevitable because everyone comes together and works for the best interest of the project.